Moretone Music


Moretone Music is a music management company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We take pride in working with established and exciting new artists who have a unique voice and style, and developing and furthering their potential to achieve global reach.

Moretone Music is well resourced with deep knowledge in artist development, touring, marketing, branding, publicity, social media networking and physical & digital releases. Moretone Music also offers event, tour, and stage management services in New Zealand, with years of experience working on smaller shows to corporate style promotional events to large outdoor concert shows & tours.


Dylan Keating had an upbringing on the road in his early childhood years travelling with musicians and performers to shows and festivals around New Zealand. He worked his first concert tour of New Zealand in 1989 at the age of 18, and from 1993 his first of many international shows to date in a variety of tour support roles. He also worked at various live music venues in Auckland from the late 80s to late 90s, and was also a musician in a local band.

In 2002 he moved into managing events for NZ’s largest University student association which included production managing nationwide tours of domestic and international artists for NZ University orientation celebrations. He left the University scene in 2007 and started working independently as a tour manager and booking agent for NZ artists domestically and internationally, and has now moved into the colourful world of artist management.